At Elizbar's Bunnies we raise Flemish Giants, English Angoras, Satin Angoras, Checkard Giants and Californians , and  also gives homes to a few rescue rabbits.

We focus mainly on our Flemish Giants, which was our first breed. Our Flemish are not bred for size, but for their balance and color. We have found that a Judge would rather see a more balanced, nicely groomed animal in a good fur coat than a large, flabby, and unbalanced animal. We strive for length and depth of body, as well as increasing the bone on our Blues with our Blacks. We foccus mainly on true blacks or Blacks that only carry Black any or Blue in their pedigrees. We have won with our blacks BOSV, BOV BOS BOB RIS and BIS; with our Blues we have won BOSV, BOV BOS, BOB and RIS. We strive to produce quality, not quantity, having only a few litters a year when our girls are off the show table. 

My English Angoras and my Satin Angoras are used for fiber. They get sheered 2-4 times a year. These guys have puppy like personalities and not one mean bone in their bodies. They make great pets/Show animals and fiber animals. These rabbits require a lot of grooming but are really fun to keep around. Angoras are a medium size breed, and are more wool than rabbit. They have anywhere from 3-7+ inches of wool on them. 

In our English angoras we have both a strong BEW program which we focus on and a strong chocolate program. Our English Angoras have received BOSV, BOV, BOS, BOB and RIS.

Our Satin Angoras We have been focusing on our Chinchilla program in both Chocolate and black as well as our copper and chocolate agouti program.Our Satin Angoras have received BOSG,BOG, BOS and BOB. We are also working on getting our Satin noticed on the BIS table soon.

Our recently Added Checkered Giants and Californians are a small very select breeding program. 

We aim to focus on well balanced type and markings on our Checkered Giants. Our program is mainly black focused with a few blues and we selectively breed for good disposition.Our Checkered's have won BOSV,BOV,BOS and BOB.

Our Californians are only a few select animals with only a few litters a year. The guys are breed for strong firm type. The tend to have great personalities and make great first pets. Our Cals have received BOS and BOB.  


ARBA national convention 2013 we placed with BOV  black With Elizbars Jahzara senior doe, we bred BOSV black Elizbars Houdini senior buck, had BOV blue with Elizbars Legacy senior doe , we now have BOSV blue now improving or lines Gohart Acres Crazy Eyes senior buck, got BOV Steel with Hoornbeeks Whatever Senior Buck and lastly got BOV White with SunnyOaks Because I Can White jr buck.

April of 2013 Elizbar's Jaydoe took BOB at the National Flemish Show in Cortland NY very proud of this black doe. 

We have also gotten BOV at the ARBA National Convention 2011 with Black Sr Doe Elizbar's Jaydoe 

September 10th and 11th of 2011 Elizbars Jaydoe sr black doe took BOB both days in Cortland NY at only 10 months old, beating out some very impressive animals at the show. I'm very happy with this doe; not only is she is an impressive black, but she carries very strong blue lines, and we hope to have her produce a blue to follow in her footsteps just as Jaydoe followed in her mother's, Elizbar's Jahzara (25 legs).  

We've gotten BOV at ARBA National Convention 2010 With Blue Jr Doe Elizbar's Fraya (7 legs) and Black Sr Doe Elizbar's Jahzara (25 legs) half sisters both out of Sunnyoaks' Ekundayo (1 leg). Sire to Elizbar's Fraya Sunnyoaks Solstice (3 legs). Sire to elizbar's Jahzara Iberia's Bonaire (Out of Iberias' Barbados, Boston and Becky) .

Elizbar's Jaydoe December 15, 2010-October 21,2013 Beautiful Doe with an amazing show career 

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